We Will Show You What Makes the Volvo XC40 Special

Our dealership in Barrington, IL has had the opportunity to bring many celebrated models to this community and in the hands of the right people. Now, we are happy to do that again by pointing out some features that make the new Volvo XC40 such a special vehicle and why we think you should give it a chance.

Trim Levels

There are three trims that you can choose from when it comes to the XC40, which are the following:

  • Momentum
  • R-Design
  • Inscription

Each of these trims has something to offer to ensure that you end up with a vehicle that matches your needs. The R-Design is a little more sporty with a bold look, thanks to things like its larger alloy wheels. The Momentum has a modern look, complete with a Scandinavian interior design, which has a minimalist approach along with black gloss window frames. The Inscription has all the luxurious perks you may want, such as leather upholstery, among other things.


One of the first things we'd like to talk about is the T4 engine. This comes standard on the XC40 SUV, and it is a powerful performer that can give you up to 187 horsepower allowing you to get wherever your heart desires in Hoffman Estates, IL or beyond.

You may also enjoy the stop/start technology built into the engine. This technology allows the engine to turn off whenever you stop the vehicle. The vehicle will immediately start back up when you press on the gas pedal. You no longer have to worry about wasting gas when you are idling because this feature promotes engine longevity and fuel efficiency.

The vehicle's impressive performance is due to several factors, like the engine's turbo features that make it quite responsive. The low engine weight also makes the car much easier to handle as well.


Technology is another factor we need to address. We know that most people are expecting a lot from the XC40 and you should too. The bird's-eye view camera feature that you have with the XC40 allows you to see everything around your vehicle 360-degrees, making it easier to get out or into small spaces around Elgin, IL. The vehicle can easily connect to smart devices and has charging options for you as well.



There are a lot of safety features tucked in the XC40. The active bending lights are another feature that should make your drive much safer. The system uses your cameras to inform the lights to turn when you approach a curve, giving you more confidence because you know what lies in front of you.

Your high beams are smart as well because they detect if there is a vehicle approaching while in use. Volvo doesn't want you to blind other Palatine, IL drivers, so the lights will automatically dim until the car has passed. These are just some of the safety features on the XC40, but there is so much more you can explore if you visit us or by calling us.


The next thing we should talk about is the vehicle's size. For an SUV, it is a very respectable size. It is a large enough SUV to bring additional passengers with you to Algonquin, IL but still compact enough to be able to drive it around the city with no problems.

Learn More and Test Drive a Volvo XC40 at McGrath Volvo Cars Barrington

Hopefully, these features make it easy to see why choosing a vehicle like the XC40 is the right move. Come down and take a test drive to see if this Volvo is for you.


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