Consistently awarded some of the top scores among vehicle safety testing entities, Volvo cars maintain their decades-long reputation with constant innovation in the area of safety. A guiding principle for the manufacturer since its founding is the care of both drivers and passengers of all ages. Inventions such as the rear-facing child seat and the three-point seatbelt are among Volvo's many contributions to vehicle safety design.

IntelliSafe Assist

Volvo's latest innovations include several IntelliSafe Assist features that remove some of the tedium from driving around Barrington, IL, keeping drivers alert and refreshed behind the wheel. Rather than continually adjusting cruise control manually as traffic patterns change, the new suite of features includes a monitoring system that can automatically maintain a set distance from cars to the front and rear. This is part of a greater Pilot Assist feature that can support the car's position inside a lane as well as its speed and navigation as it drives on both curved or straight roads in Hoffman Estates, IL area.

The goal of the IntelliSafe feature is eliminating accidents, and it comes as a standard feature on all new Volvo vehicles. In city driving conditions, IntelliSafe helps by optimizing steering and braking in the event of a collision scenario, attempting to reduce the likelihood of an accident to near zero. Harnessing the power of infrared cameras and radar technology, it can sense nearby vehicles, pedestrians or animals and warn the driver or aid in avoiding a collision.

Child Safety

Child safety features heavily into Volvo design, including new innovations in airbag deployment to keep older children safe when riding in the front seat. Volvo recommendations include having children ride in rear-facing positions until the age of four. Volvo's proprietary design for child safety seats includes breathable fabric and lush padding so children will be comfortable in them for long journeys. Specially designed tests by Volvo engineers focus on the best positions and seating for children of all ages so they can remain safe at all times while in the vehicle's cabin.

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