Compact crossovers have taken over the highway thanks to their unique automotive ingenuity. These innovative vehicles are advanced beyond belief because they support so many advantageous features. The 2020 Volvo XC40 exemplifies what a true crossover is, and here's a better breakdown of what this automobile has to offer.

Sleek Scandanavian Design

The XC40 has classic and simple Scandanavian design built with a bit of a modern flare. From any angle of view, this vehicle looks fantastic. The XC40's aerodynamic exterior is sharp with its angled body lines and deep contours. This is Swedish luxury at its finest. Some of the best features here are the Thor Hammer headlamps and asymmetrical taillights that possesses a vertical lift. The vehicle's hood and front grille is intricately sculpted to perfection. Elgin, IL drivers can choose from three trim levels, including the Inscription, R-Design and Momentum.


The cabin of this contemporary crossover is beyond phenomenal with its metal-interior accents and open layout. Up to six individuals can seat comfortably in this particular cabin as it hosts some of the most premium upholstery. The front seats are entirely new, and they were custom designed specifically for this vehicle. The armrests have also been constructed from premium materials. Thanks to the high levels of comfort features, you can ride in pure luxury while cruising around Barrington, IL or flexing down the open highway. There's also a huge powered moonroof for optimal viewing.

Technology & Innovation

The 2020 Volvo XC40 has taken advanced technologies and innovation to a new level. This compact crossover offers some of the latest and greatest tech components that will make your drive more enjoyable. In the center dash sits a nine-inch touchscreen display that possesses high resolution. The built-in navigation system is sharp, accurate and responsive. For added value, Apple CarPlay has been integrated into the system.

In addition to that, Sensus innovation flows throughout the vehicle from the display screens to advanced safety features. QI wireless charging is also available as you won't have to deal with cluttered cables. Volvo's On Call innovation is an intuitive app that allows you to remotely control some features, and there's a premium sound system for concert-like tunes.

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